Have you ever considered how powerful a sense taste is? Technically, it is the human sense that we use to experience the flavours (taste and retronasal olfaction) of the products we eat and drink, but it is so much more. Specific flavours can trigger memories and emotions, can alter moods, they can make us indulge in intense pleasure as well as in utter and immediate displeasure. Texture and temperature of consumption also impact on our flavour perception and on our taste experience.

At Nactarome, we are so fully aware of this that we are not only focussing on superior performing, authentic, taste solutions, but also to the specific taste preferences for different countries, and to the possible interactions with other ingredients in the final formulation. Our technologists and food scientists work closely with you to identify the optimal taste solution for your products, target markets, and preferred consumer groups.






Natural and beyond natural are at the backbone of our taste creation. From raw material sourcing to profile formulation, at Nactarome we are dedicated to creating and bringing the purest, highest quality natural flavourings, taste solutions, extracts and distillates to you, and your products.


Our flavours and taste solutions could not do their full magic if we did not test them across multiple applications and most of all if we did not run sensory panels! Sensory analysis is an essential part of our product development, and it allows us to measure differences and optimise the taste experience. At Nactarome, we are strongly aware that taste perception and preferences vary from country to country, and even from person to person. This is where our network is our greatest strength: we can count on an international team of highly trained food scientists on the one hand, and on a rich and diversified panel of “untrained” tasters, to run internal preference mappings.