At Nactarome, we have brought together an incredibly broad, flexible, fully customizable, and synergistic range of taste, texture, and colour solutions for all sweet applications. Whether is a natural sweet enhancer for an indulgent taste experience of a low-sugar cookie, or a clean label colouring solution for your new frosting range, we are the right partner for your product development and customization. Our R&D, Application and Sensory Team work tirelessly every day to successfully deliver on your consumer moments of truth: when they see, smell, and taste your sweet creations.

Our attention to the market and to the evolving consumer preferences has inspired us to eagerly focus on the creation of a comprehensive and authentic range of natural taste, texture, and colouring solutions in line with the growing requests and preferences in the line of naturality, sustainability, fortification, indulgence, and health. To be able to capture and offer the most authentic and vibrant flavours and colours of nature is a path that begins at raw material level, goes through the choice of gentle and sustainable processing technologies, and translates into stable, versatile, and highly performing products, meeting your consumer demands for familiar, recognizable, and cleaner labels.



Taste Ingredients

Texture Solutions


The dairy and dairy-free markets are key categories for innovation and diversification, with consumers increasingly asking for products meeting different emotional, functional and experience needs. From lactose-free and plant-based alternatives to richer, indulgent options, from fortified products to boost immunity and gut health to protein-rich snacks, the dairy and dairy-free segment is livelier than ever, and at Nactarome we are fully aware of this. Our Taste, Texture and Colour solutions for the dairy and dairy-free segments include:


Sweet Dairy

Whether it is an indulgent, full-fat custard, or a sugar-free Greek-type yogurt, sweet dairy is one of the most beloved, purchased, and consumed categories. At Nactarome we know that, and we have worked to develop delightful collections of natural, specialty notes, as well as a complete range of taste modulators to act in low-fat, low-sugar, fortified environments, to offer a fully satisfying taste experience.

Dairy Free

The plant-based dairy alternatives have experienced an amazing growth in the past few years, and innovation in this area is massive. At Nactarome, we can support you in developing great tasting and visually appealing dairy-free milks, yogurts, and desserts, with our full range of taste modulation systems to act on astringency, dryness, acidity, low-fat conditions, alongside consumer-preferred natural flavourings and natural colour solutions.

Fruit Preps

We love fruit preparations! They are natural, they are healthy, they add so much to the consumers' taste and texture experience! At Nactarome we know that, and we know that our FiorioNat and FiorioClean ranges can be amazing allies to deliver the most vibrant, authentic, and brilliant colours of Nature, while offering proven stability to pasteurization, acidity level and storage.


The demand for affordable, convenience indulgence products like ice cream has fast recovered after difficulties of the first pandemic impact, and the forecasts for the future are really promising. And with a strong foothold and heritage both in Italy and France, Nactarome is certainly your ideal partner when developing your next ice cream launch to thrill your consumers’ tastebuds, particularly when it comes to the artisanal arena. Our Taste, Texture and Colour solutions for ice cream, combined with our application expertise, our superior, first-hand knowledge of your markets and the preferred taste profiles of your consumers, offer authenticity, naturality and creativity to your development and innovation process. At Nactarome, we are also highly aware of claim and labelling requirements and trends: whether you are looking for a fully natural, clean label, or even a Fairtrade certified vanilla, or a vegan-friendly custard, or even a nut-free nut flavour, we are your partner. Our Taste, Texture and Colour solutions for ice cream include:


Ice Cream

At Nactarome, we can boast over 50 years' experience in the development of premium quality, natural, specialty and provenanced taste solutions for your ice cream developments, whether you are an ice cream base manufacturer for the Italian or French ice cream markets, or a consumer-product creator. Our FiorioColori full range adds brilliance, colour-stability, and the final mouth-watering touch to your products.


A strategic area to meet consumer-driven specific dieting concern and requests, plant-based ice creams span from the creamiest bases to the most refreshing, fruit and vitamin-packed sherbets and ice lollies. Colour is key to fully convey the natural, better-for-you positioning of the category, and this is where our FiorioNat and FiorioClean preservative-free, natural and clean label ranges are your best allies.

Inclusions & Sauces

Texture is as important as Taste and Colour, particularly in the premium and super-premium ice cream experience. At Nactarome we know how crucial it is for inclusions to retain their flavour, and their colour, and how important it is for taste and colour solutions to perform brilliantly in a high viscous matrix. This is why we have developed a specific oil-dispersible colour range for high fat applications: FiorioPlanet.


Sweet bakery is such a broad and diversified category, subject to country and occasion-specific consumption habits and flavour preferences! This is where our approach based on proximity and market familiarity becomes one of our major strengths and allows us to develop fully customized and consumer-preferred taste, colour, and texture solutions across all geographies. Sweet baked products confirm some of the most pervasive global trends, such as permissible indulgence, with reduced sugar, fat, lactose/dairy options becoming more mainstream. Fresh, handcrafted, and artisanal-positioned cookies and cakes are strong favourites amongst consumers, with premiumization driven by inclusions, provenanced ingredients, organic and/or Fairtrade certified ingredients.
A rising trend within the sweet bakery category, as it is within sweet dairy, further driven by the pandemic, is the development of nutritionally fortified and improved products, with added fibres, vitamins, proteins, or other health-promoting ingredients. Seasonality and most of all occasion bakery is a key area particularly in the most traditional markets of Italy, France, the UK, where we have a long-established market presence and a strong familiarity with innovation patterns, consumer preferences and consumption habits. Our Taste, Texture and Colour solutions for sweet bakery include:


Occasion bakery

Nostalgia and comfort food trends certainly dominate the “occasion” bakery arena: whether it is your beloved sugar dusted pandoro, or your chocolate-packed Yule log, your pistachio-filled panettone or spiced Christmas spiced rum raisin cake, we know how important it is for your consumers to find those reassuring, familiar flavours, and aromas, that bring back memories of big family gatherings, mulled wine and board games. Discover our range: from brown sweet flavours to natural citrus top notes, from creamy, rounding, dairy flavours to nut-free nut profiles, at Nactarome we have a complete range of taste solutions for traditional bakery developments.

Cakes & Cookies

Pleasure, health, and impulse consumption are the main drivers of the cakes and cookies category, that experienced an unprecedented growth during the first pandemic year. Variety and diversification are key as consumers demand diversity of choices offering experience, fun flavours and textures, retro, or exciting twists. However, health and wellness developments are steadily growing, with consumers asking for low-fat, reduced-sugars, vitamin- and fibre-enriched, natural, and "holistic" products.

Fillings & Inclusions

Texture is as important as Taste and Colour, particularly in the premium and super-premium bakery experience. At Nactarome we know how crucial it is for inclusions to retain their flavour, and their colour, and how important it is for taste and colour solutions to perform brilliantly in a high viscous matrix. Besides our Sévarome heritage, a favourite amongst French Pastry Chefs, we have also developed a bake-resistant natural and clean label colour range, to suit all bakery applications.


Confectionery is probably one of the key impulse consumption categories, but it has changed a lot in the past few years. While chocolate remains the undisputed market leader within the category and has seen a steadily increasing consumption across the globe, sugar confectionery is rapidly evolving under the pressure of changing regulations and health-related market drivers. High sugar content related to obesity is a severe concern among consumers and legislators alike, and this is where producers and creators can offer healthier options, such as low calorie, or functional ingredient-based confectionery, with positive perceived claims on the labels. Taste remains key, particularly in sugar (or sugarless) confectionery products, but we are seeing three main innovation drivers making their inroads to the market: organic/provenanced/Fairtrade – mostly impacting the chocolate market -, low in sugar, pushing new ingredient development and alternative sweetener research; and vegan or plant based, which is not just a matter of dairy-free, but impacts on thickeners, demanding for animal-free alternatives to gelatine.

Immunity and health are two further trends that are increasingly innovating the food and beverage marketplace, with 54% of global consumers having spent time to educate themselves on ingredients and processes that could boost their immune system, according to Innova Research. Consumers are demanding for more nutrient-packed food, even when it comes to confectionery: vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, along with botanicals and herbal ingredients, are amongst the consumer favourites. Our Taste, Texture and Colour solutions for sugar and chocolate confectionery include:


Candies & Jellies

With our strategic position in Italy, we can offer authentic, provenanced citrus flavourings, on top of our extensive range of taste solutions, including berries and mint: cost-effective, application-tested natural products, to respond to growing market trends in the line of naturality, authenticity, better-for-you. Our FiorioNat and FiorioClean ranges add value to your labelling, particularly for children-targeted products, allowing for a “natural”, familiar, free-from artificial colourings, claim. Our aromatic Extracts and Distillates can offer a plus to your healthy positioned sugar confectionery, with an extra natural touch on your labels!

Panned Sweets

Besides our full range of natural and cost-effective taste solutions for all sweet confectionery applications, we have developed a superior performing, heat-stable, natural colour range to suit processes, such as panning, where heat and mechanical stresses are involved. The most brilliant colour solutions, for a perfectly even distribution on your sweets surface.


Chocolate is the largest confectionery category, and by far the most impacted by the demand for provenanced, organic, and Fairtrade ingredients. Vanilla is a key ingredient in chocolate manufacturing, both in its natural form – where we can boast half a century heritage in vanilla sourcing and extraction, including organic and Fairtrade sourced -, and as vanillin. The latter is particularly subject to market fluctuations, and we have recently developed a one-to-one natural replacer.


The rising global trend for healthier eating has particularly fuelled innovation in the nutrition and cereal bar segment: they are an inherently natural, convenient, ready-to-eat, portable food, that supply various nutrients to the body and provide a feeling of satiety and permissible indulgence. The global market for cereal bars is expected to grow at a 4.3% CAGR to 2026, thanks to different consumer groups, including sportsmen and athletes. Snack bars are therefore a very lively category, naturally high in fibre and wholesome ingredients, and are associated with improved digestive health and weight management.

Cereals – breakfast cereals in particular – have experienced a surge in interest as well over the past few years, creating some exciting opportunities for diversification and new healthy options development, without compromising on taste. Amongst the growing trends, natural is of course key, but also the fortification with healthy ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, fibres, proteins, and other health- and immunity-promoting substances. Our Taste, Texture and Colour solutions for cereals and bars include:


Breakfast Cereals

Nactarome’s Flavour Modulation System is the perfect toolbox to meet the rising low-no sugar, low-no fat, low-no sodium trend in the cereals market. Our range of natural taste and colour solutions, in particular our brown notes and our specialty honey collection, on the other hand, meets the increasing demand for natural and cleaner labelling.


The rising popularity of keto and paleo diets has led to growth of grain-free foods, particularly in the granola category. One of the top trends affecting granola innovation is therefore grain-free, with new vegetable blends made with vegetable proteins and sweetened with alternative sweeteners. Taste is therefore a crucial aspect, and that is where Nactarome can offer our amazing expertise in taste solutions and taste modulation systems.

Snack Bars

Low-sugar, low-fat, additive-free and non-GMO ingredients is of course a leading trend within snack bars, as well as fortification: our taste modulation system can help enhancing the taste perception in the absence of sugar and can soften the aftertaste of nutrients such as minerals or proteins. Our specialty dairy notes can add roundness to coatings, and our brown sweet flavours such as caramel, chocolate, coffee, maple, vanilla or nuts will tap into the growing permissible indulgence trend.