Now more than ever, consumers are looking for food and beverages that are as natural as possible, because natural is often perceived as healthier, more authentic, less processed. We are witnessing a considerable growth in the demand for organic, local, “free-from” – i.e., without e-numbers (additives, preservatives, colours), foods and beverages, both in the home and out of home consumption occasions.

The “natural” concept is often associated with positive thoughts such as taste and health, but in the past year, mostly because of the pandemic, the concept of “natural” has been increasingly associated with a return to nature, to simplicity, as well as to a shorter and cleaner labelling, in the line of According to a June 2020 survey led by the International Food Information Council, 85% of consumers have changed their diet during the pandemic. In particular, the younger generations are leading this market trend: natural is clean, it is appealing, it is little processed, and is environmentally friendly. These are the inspirations of the generations of tomorrow that our company has listened to, and that have triggered the creation of our range of natural and clean label taste and colour solutions, in addition to our standard, cost-effective, not natural ranges.






At Nactarome we have paid particular attention to the recent rising health and naturalness concerns impacting the European food and beverage market, as they represent a significant opportunity for further expansion in terms of product reformulation, new product development, range extension, consumer targeting. Our ranges bring together best-in-class profiles, tested in multiple applications, and proofed against market and consumer preferences. They comprise liquid, powder and paste products, and offer provenance claims (e.g., Sicilian Lemon, French Strawberry, Italian truffle) to reinforce premiumization and positioning.


The best of Nature… tastefully served! At Nactarome, we can boast over half a century of experience in selecting, extracting, distilling, blending, and ageing dozens of different botanical species to deliver consistent, premium, and all-natural aromatic extracts, both in coloured and clear form, for full adaptability to end applications. Not only does Nactarome have the technical, creative, and sensory expertise to blend these ingredients together, but we can easily round out the creation of customized extracts based on your desired aromatic profile. And of course, we can combine our botanicals with fruit, citrus, and brown notes, to create unique, intriguing profiles.

The traditional extraction process occurs through a series of hydro-alcoholic infusions and a final distillation session that enables the recovery of all the residual solvent. All fractions are then blended to give the highest organoleptic impact when used. Our range of botanical extracts, distillates and blends are EU-natural compliant, and we offer full regulatory support for countries and territories with specific legislation requirements.


Our FiorioNat range of natural colours allows you to create unforgettable foods, with a unique and distinctive look. Natural food colours are preparations obtained from foods and other edible natural source materials via physical and/or chemical extraction. With over a century of experience in sourcing the best raw materials from all over the world, state-of-the-art processing facilities and internationally recognized quality certifications, FiorioColori by Nactarome is the perfect partner to develop tailor-made colour solutions for all your applications.

They come in many forms, to suit all applications and process requirements: liquids, powders, gels, and pastes, are GMO- and allergen-free, can be Kosher/Halal certified, and most are suitable for vegans/vegetarians. Our latest developments include a highly performing, natural TiO2 replacer, to respond to the changing regulatory environment in Europe and the related need for product reformulation.


Our FiorioClean range is the most natural way to colour food with food. Colouring foodstuffs, technically real food extracts with colouring properties, are the best solution to respond to the growing market demand of clean label products, and to the request for foods and beverages featuring “recognizable ingredients” by different age groups. The purpose is to offer a food and/or drink product with the intrinsic attributes of “organic”, “plant-based”, “sustainable”, free-from additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients: these characteristics are becoming more and more important in purchase choices, particularly in a post-pandemic world. And what can be better than offering you kids a gummy containing true fruit extract?

At Nactarome, thanks to the FiorioColori heritage, we have a long and established tradition in the world of colour ingredients for food and beverage applications, particularly when talking about raw materials and sustainable supply chain. Our food extracts will add to your products all the good from Nature, combined with our company’s expertise, to ensure quality, stability, consistency, and technical knowledge. Our extracts are free from genetically modified organisms, and only come from fruits, vegetables, and edible plants, transformed, and concentrated through a gentle process Our FiorioClean range comes in many forms: liquids, powders, gels, and pastes, are GMO- and allergen-free, can be Kosher/Halal certified, and most are suitable for vegans/vegetarians.