While the Nactarome Group in its current structure is new, the companies that compile the Group have their roots back to the early 20th century for colours and to the mid-1960s for flavours and ingredients. This heritage and our industry expertise are our strength, and the platform from which we will continue to grow. We further support our customers’ development and growth through our commitment to sustainability. Our aim is to integrate sustainability and ESG management practices into our day-to-day operations across all our businesses and engage with our supplier base to promote adoption of sustainability-driven best practices.

As we look to the next phase of our journey, Nactarome is pleased to work with a new growth focused partner, TA Associates. Together, we will accelerate our growth trajectory and expand into additional markets while continuing to prioritise our high quality standards, customer-centric approach, and commitment to sustainability.


Nactarome is a fast-growing, Europe-based group of companies creating and manufacturing high quality natural taste and colour solutions for specialty products, enabling our customers to with consumers in the moments of truth: when they see, smell, and taste. Mission Our customers and our planet are at the very heart of what we do. We work with our companies and our suppliers to be a flexible, easy-to-talk-to, reliable and highly responsive partner to meet customers’ needs. We operate through proximity, leveraging a deep understanding of local tastes and consumption patterns to shape our approach.

We strive to support long lasting relationships built on adding value, trust, and care into our customers’ business. Vision All our companies will service our customers and markets with a quality natural, beyond natural and clean label product portfolio, with a focus on provenance, premium, traceable, sustainable sourcing. We will become our customers’ partner of choice by leveraging our diverse heritage and internal synergies, to deliver product solutions that are better for the people and better for the planet.


Our journey began in 2018, when equity fund Ambienta SGR S.p.A. bought a majority stake in AromataGroup, which had already acquired four Italian flavours and colours producers.

Ambienta was inspired by AromataGroup’s unique offering of natural flavours and colours, seasoned management, and growth potential in a market with big development opportunities. Acquisitions quickly followed: IPAM in Italy and Nactis in France and Belgium in 2019, Create Flavours and TasteConnection in the UK in 2020 and 2021 respectively, Pharmorgana in Germany and the latest, FIAS in Italy in 2021. Each contributed complementary products, markets, and R&D capabilities, established as the Nactarome Group.

In November 2021, TA Associates announced a strategic growth investment in Nactarome, becoming the majority shareholder of the company. TA will partner closely with Nactarome’s management team to support and sustain the company’s organic and external growth moving forward.