The trends shaping the beverage industry will centre not only around healthier and “cleaner” products, which is more or less what is happening throughout all food and drink categories, but also around more sustainable, premium and socially responsible product offerings. Consumers are increasingly making more informed choices, around the idea that “what is good for me has to be good for the planet”. Quality is becoming more important than quantity, with premium, natural, origin-certified ingredients on one side, and “mindful drinking” and “sober-curious” movements gaining popularity and crossing the Atlantic on the other.

The latter in particular has ignited a decrease in alcohol consumption, particularly amongst the younger generations, who are fuelling the healthier, holistic and functional beverage arena. Low and no-alcohol adult cocktails and ready-to-drink offerings are booming, as they respond to a widespread demand for innovative, bartender-quality, convenient and portable cocktail experiences in the wake of coronavirus. High quality ingredients, authentic flavours, low-calorie, low sugar, and low or no alcohol content, functional ingredients – fermented, vitamins, minerals, botanicals – are shaping product consumption and market innovation.


With most cultures around the world traditionally consuming various types of alcoholic beverages, it is no surprise that growth in the category has been sluggish for the past few years, particularly with increasing concerns about personal and community health. The growth in this area is mostly fuelled by the young-adult demographics, rising disposable income and a rise in consumer demand for premium and super-premium products, particularly in the distillates sub-category. According to data gathered by Tastewise, though, web searches for non-alcoholic beverages are up 47% from the same period last year (YTD Oct. 2021), and the same interest is reflected in projections by marketing researchers Fior Markets, that estimate the global No-Lo segment to reach $1.7 trillion by 2028. Our Taste and Colour solutions for alcoholic drinks include:


Aperitif & Liqueurs

Our Extracts & Distillates are steeped into our Italian heritage and tradition, creating unique, fully natural, complex flavour bouquets perfectly suited to all aperitif and liqueur applications. Our FiorioColori ranges add brilliant, eye-catching, and iconic shades to traditional and innovative products, both pure and with mixers.


Water-clear natural flavours, from citrus to fruit, from rounding, wooden notes, to unexpected floral inspirations, at Nactarome we have the technology and the expertise to create authentic, complex profiles, with superior stability and strong impact, both for straight consumption and for mixology.


Pre-batched bottled cocktails are one of the top future trends in the alcoholic beverage market, adding innovation and differentiation. At Nactarome, we have a complete range of natural taste and colour solutions to support you in the development of your signature cocktails, fully tested for stability, flavour impact, and persistence in your desired applications.


Health concerns and changing regulations have heavily impacted the soft drinks industry, particularly categories such as carbonates, chilled juice, and energy drinks. Today’s consumers are more conscious about the formulation of their favourite beverages and pay extra attention to ingredients that can harm their health, spanning from high sugar content, artificial ingredients, besides certainly energy-boosting substances.

Consumers are looking at their diets to find ways to improve their health, particularly in terms of immune health, and nutrient-rich products: added minerals, pre- and probiotics, natural energy boosters, botanicals, antioxidants, or mood-improving ingredients, including relaxation. Natural formulations are gaining importance amongst consumers, following their concern for complex and obscure labelling and their interest in green and clean products, with claims such as minimally processed, additive-free, vegan-friendly and plant-based appealing to many. Our Taste and Colour solutions for soft drinks include:



Besides our taste solutions, in particular flavours and flavoured emulsions, Nactarome can offer a consumer-driven, unique natural system to assist with the perception of a sweeter taste profile in low-no sugar formulations. Our FiorioNat and FiorioClean ranges offer consumer-friendly labelling opportunities, while providing stable, brilliant, and natural shades to all developments.

Juice-based drinks

Active nutrition, better-for-you and functionality are strongly impacting the juice-based drinks segment too. We can supply optimal taste solutions for juice-based applications, extracts and distillates for healthy claims, and taste modulation systems for plant-based formulations.

Healthy Drinks

Fermented drinks, water kefir, aromatic waters, vitamin drinks are gaining momentum and creeping into the mainstream. Our Taste Modulation Systems can help cover off-notes linked to nutrient-packed formulations and increase sweetness perception, our natural flavour systems and our extracts and distillates tap into naturality and familiarity of ingredients on labels.


The popularity of non-alcoholic cocktails is not limited to a specific generation: whether it’s baby boomers or Millennials, non-alcoholic cocktails appeal to everyone and confirm that consumers don’t want to give up taste and quality in the name of health. The no-low-alcohol sector offers plenty of scope for developing adult products that offer pleasurable and innovative taste experiences to knowledgeable and savvy consumers. At Nactarome, we have leveraged our Group expertise in selecting, extracting, and blending herbs and spices with aromatic creation, and then adding the finishing touch with a full range of natural colours and colouring ingredients, all perfectly in line with the growing consumer demand for natural, sustainable, fresh products with recognisable and simple ingredients. Our Taste and Colour solutions for No-Lo drinks include:


As the beverage category is evolving to meet the growing demand for functional, better-for-you products, the powdered drinks arena is feeling fresh and ready for innovation. Hydration and water enrichment are the two main applications, but functional creamers, protein, and energy mixes are gaining momentum too. Our Taste and Colour solutions for powder drinks include: