Nactarome SpA guarantees a working environment in which it is possible to freely report any illegitimate behaviour carried out within the Company.

To this end, and in compliance with the provisions of the appropriate European and local legislation, Nactarome has implemented a Compliance Hotline for its Italian & Belgian companies, AromataGroup srl, IPAM srl and Nactis Benelux. The Compliance Hotline allows for:

•  Activation of an appropriate reporting channel (e.g., an online platform) that guarantees, including through the use of encryption, the confidentiality of the person filing the report, the subject of the report, any person mentioned in the report, the content and documentation of the report;

•  Entrusting the management of the report to an independent, specifically dedicated and trained external entity;

•  Implementation of a whistleblowing procedure;

•  Implementation of GDPR documentation relating to the confidential treatment of the data provided with the report.


To file a report, please click below: