Texture, mouthfeel, and taste go hand in hand in providing unique and memorable food experiences to consumers worldwide. According to experts, texture can even alter our perception of what we taste. At Nactarome we are profoundly aware of how greatly texture contributes to the “taste” moment of truth, and it can influence food intake and nutrition. At Nactarome, we have different product ranges to deliver superior texture and mouthfeel to your products, for sweet and savoury applications alike, including a complete listing of functional texture solutions like texturing agents, thickeners, emulsifiers and stabilizers for the ice cream and sweet bakery markets; and binding and thickening agents for processed poultry and meat products.





We are market leaders in Italy in the development and manufacturing of batters and breadcrumbs for manufacturers and foodservice alike. Our breadings are fully customizable in terms of cereal, particle size, and desired results. Our market awareness has inspired the development of high-quality, specialty products, like tempura, and gluten-free as well as dairy-free breading preparations. We also offer filling mixes for traditional Italian stuffed pasta, and easy-to-use, quality preparations for pizza, gnocchi, pancakes, and crêpes. Our Sévarome nut pastes are manufactured out of high-quality nuts sourced in key markets worldwide, which enables us to offer organic certified and provenanced certified ranges, including the premium Sicilian pistachio.

Our range includes single nut pastes, such as pistachio, almond, hazelnut, walnut, pecan nut, cashew nut, coconut, as well as indulgent combinations, like gianduja or praline.


Our R&D teams are strategically located in different European countries, for first-hand knowledge of taste and profile preferences and specific market trends, as well as process requirements. Besides carrying full in-house application tests on all our products, to guarantee for performance, stability and shelf-life, they work closely with our customers to develop bespoke texture solutions or complete taste, colour and texture systems for process optimization.


Our flavours, colours and texture solutions could not do their full magic if we did not test them across multiple applications and most of all if we did not run sensory panels! Sensory analysis is an essential part of our product development, and it allows us to measure differences and optimize the consumption experience. At Nactarome, we are strongly aware that taste perception and preferences vary from country to country, and even from person to person. This is where our network is our greatest strength: we can count on an international team of highly trained food scientists on the one hand, and on a rich and diversified panel of “untrained” tasters, to run internal preference mappings.