At Nactarome our proximity approach encompasses all our teams, including our marketing and consumer insights experts. Their familiarity with our markets is born out of their direct experience and superior awareness of consumption patterns and growing interests. We know that in today’s competitive landscape, consumers expect unique, high-quality experiences and products. Data analysis and a true consumer understanding are key tools to provide valuable information to help our team of creators and developers exceed our customers’ expectation and win consumers’ moments of truth.

Our marketing and consumer insights team works tirelessly to understand and interpret consumer data, behaviours, and aspirations, and feed all this back into our R&D and Application teams, to improve product development and predict future trends before they impact consumption patterns.


Understanding the competitive landscape is key to support our customers in identifying target areas, forthcoming trends and changing ingredient preference. By combining different sources, including food and lifestyle blogs, we can identify micro and macro trends shaping the markets and the product categories, and inspire our taste, colour, and texture solution developments accordingly.


Consumer insights help our marketeers, and our product developers obtain a complete view of what is shaping consumer behaviour when it comes to purchasing decisions. Insights can also cast a light into consumer perception of specific ingredients or product formats, claims, flavours, and colours, and develop concepts to meet their expectations and changing consumption habits. Our marketing and consumer insights team can also use their findings to better customize and tailor product concepts and solutions to needs, wants, and demands of specific consumer groups or personas, to improve their product experience.