At Nactarome, we have leveraged our seasonings capabilities across multiple countries and companies, to deliver fearless flavour innovations for snacks, cheese, and prepared meals. Creativity and functionality are at the heart of everything we do: we create great tasting seasonings and seasoning preparations, to deliver mind blowing taste experiences. Our group core technologies underpin every product ideation, and we truly offer winning taste solutions for preferred consumer products, with provenanced, authentic, ingredients, sourced worldwide.


Our manufacturing flexibility and process and market familiarity has inspired us to create a range of highly performing cost-effective taste solutions for your everyday snacks, cheese, ingredients such as breadcrumbs and batters, sauces, and prepared meals.


Consumers are seeking out previously unfamiliar flavours and looking for unique taste experiences. They want something different, but authentic and traceable. At Nactarome, we are continually searching for the world’s best provenanced ingredients, such as gin and bourbon powder, oyster extract or pink peppercorn.


Our culinary heritage and unrivalled application expertise and creativity have translated into an imaginative, different, and premium seasonings range, fearlessly combining single flavours into complex, bespoke, premium recipes.