Colour is life, and life is colour: it is the colour of a specific food that attracts us or repels us, the colour ignites the anticipation of the taste experience, making the mouth water, creating expectation. A Nactarome we are proud to have over a century of experience in the world of colours for the food and beverage industry thanks to the heritage of FiorioColori, established in 1914 and acquired by our Group in 2016. We can count on a reliable suppliers’ base, premium quality raw materials, consolidated processes and – last, but not least – we constantly monitor our markets and our consumers, to keep the pace with varying trends, regulations, inspirations.


Labelling requirements are but one of the various aspects to take into account when choosing the right colour for your product. Food grade colour performance, and in particular the colouring foodstuffs’ performance, depends on the acidity level, the light exposure, processing and storage temperature, clarity, or cloudiness, and on the remaining ingredients of the final formulation: they could react with any one of these parameters, and they could impact on stability and oxidation.

On the other hand, choosing a synthetic dye for your product, whatever the application is, provides an intense and uniform colour, has a lower impact on raw material costs and most of all it allows a much wider range of shades, obtained through the blending of different colours. Our technologists will work with you to select the best colour type to make your product successful, stable, and eye-catching.


Our attention to the market has inspired our company to eagerly focus on the creation of a comprehensive and authentic range of colourings in line with the growing requests and preferences in the line of naturality, sustainability and health on the market. To be able to capture and offer the most vibrant colours of nature is a path that begins at raw material level, goes through the choice of gentle and sustainable processing technologies, and translates into stable, versatile and highly performing products, perfectly suited to clean labelling. Besides our natural and clean label ranges, FiorioColori remains the only European based colour creator offering a full in-house produced range of colour solutions for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and non-food applications, with a trusted and established raw material supplier base and market-driven innovation.


Our FiorioNat range of natural colours allows you to create unforgettable foods, with a unique and distinctive look. Natural food colours are preparations obtained from foods and other edible natural source materials via physical and/or chemical extraction. With over a century of experience in sourcing the best raw materials from all over the world, state-of-the-art processing facilities and internationally recognized quality certifications, FiorioColori by Nactarome is the perfect partner to develop tailor-made colour solutions for all your applications. They come in many forms, to suit all applications and process requirements: liquids, powders, gels, and pastes, are GMO- and allergen-free, can be Kosher/Halal certified, and most are suitable for vegans/vegetarians. Our latest developments include a highly performing, natural TiO2 replacer, to respond to the changing regulatory environment in Europe and the related need for product reformulation.


Our FiorioClean range is the most natural way to colour food with food. Colouring foodstuffs, technically real food extracts with colouring properties, are the best solution to respond to the growing market demand of clean label products, and to the request for foods and beverages featuring “recognizable ingredients” by different age groups. The purpose is to offer a food and/or drink product with the intrinsic attributes of “organic”, “plant-based”, “sustainable”, free-from additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients: these characteristics are becoming more and more important in purchase choices, particularly in a post-pandemic world. And what can be better than offering you kids a gummy containing true fruit extract?

At Nactarome, thanks to the FiorioColori heritage, we have a long and established tradition in the world of colour ingredients for food and beverage applications, particularly when talking about raw materials and sustainable supply chain. Our food extracts will add to your products all the good from Nature, combined with our company’s expertise, to ensure quality, stability, consistency, and technical knowledge. Our extracts are free from genetically modified organisms, and only come from fruits, vegetables, and edible plants, transformed, and concentrated through a gentle process Our FiorioClean range comes in many forms: liquids, powders, gels, and pastes, are GMO- and allergen-free, can be Kosher/Halal certified, and most are suitable for vegans/vegetarians.


The growing consumer demand for natural and cleaner labelling colour solutions has impacted a broad number of product recipes, leading manufacturers to replace synthetic products with their natural counterpart, where available. Stability over time, resistance to light and heat, dosage, consistency, and solubility have been – and still are – major challenges for manufacturers, particularly when working with high fat matrices. Thanks to our technical expertise and market-driven research, we have developed a range of oil dispersible natural colours, suitable for a variety of new applications such as chocolate coatings, icings, creams, and fillings. The range consists of both E-number (FiorioNat) and E-number free (FiorioClean) options, in either powder or liquid format. All are preservative, allergen and GMO-free.


The main challenge faced by colour experts is ensuring colour stability over time. Depending on the colours used, heat, light, fat content and the final application pH can have a large impact on the colour shade. Therefore, the correct colouring materials should be fine-tuned to each specific application to provide optimum performance. For example, in baking applications, the selection of the raising agent can modify the pH significantly, altering the colour shade. Furthermore, the temperature used, and exposure time will dramatically modify the colour intensity, unless the formulation is carefully selected. At Nactarome, we have a specialised Bake Stable range that will fit your baking requirements.


Our FiorioBright range delivers over a century of experience in synthetizing highly stable products, with the best quality and price ratio, for every food, beverage, pet food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical, life science application. We are very careful to ensure the perfect purity that the colouring product our customer has selected: we have two separate production areas for natural and synthetic colourings (the ones that do not exist in nature), as well as the single production lines for each and every colour, to avoid cross-contamination risks and make sure you have the purest dyes for your applications. Our synthetic colours are available in liquid, paste, gels, and granule forms, can be water or oil soluble, can be FDA-approved and require labelling declaration.