At Nactarome, we do not just do business. We build relationships. We support partnerships. We care for the planet. We share a culture of equal opportunities, ethical sourcing, social and manufacturing responsibility. We firmly believe that fully integrating our ESG principles into all our business practices and decisions is essential to create values for our company, our partners, our customers, and our communities.


We care for our planet. We believe that a healthy planet helps everything, and everyone thrive. And we also believe that to thrive as a business, we need the planet to thrive. Sustainability, to us, truly means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.


As part of our commitment to total sustainability, Nactarome pledges to ensure, for employees and collaborators, an equitable, welcoming, respectful, culturally inclusive, and non-discriminatory working environment. We strongly believe that our sustainability goals cannot be met without the precious collaboration with those working with us: we regularly set up education occasions and strive to involve the team in all environmental improvement processes. We have invested in new appliances for our laboratories, that are less pollutant and are in line with our objectives. We see ourselves as a member of the society and the communities where we operate, and encourage cohesion, reciprocity and honesty and value positive relationships amongst people.


What we do today as a business has both a direct and an indirect impact on the future of products, markets, consumers, and communities. Europe’s natural foods market grows three times faster than traditional foods. Demand for “clean label” products – which use minimally processed, natural, non-GMO ingredients – is driven by consumers’ increased health awareness, willingness to spend more for healthy foods and desire for new natural flavours. Plus, EU regulations favour natural ingredients instead of synthetics. This is our path for tomorrow: we believe in natural, beyond natural and “clean label” products, and will invest in health and education systems, access to services, nutrition, knowledge, and skills, both in our local communities and in the communities of our trusted, long-term suppliers and partners to safeguard our future.