Now more than ever, consumers are looking for food and beverages that are as natural as possible, because natural is often perceived as healthier, more authentic, less processed. This is why we are witnessing a considerable growth in sales of organic, local, “free-from” – i.e. without e-numbers (additives, preservatives, colours). The “natural” concept is often associated with positive thoughts such as taste and health, but in the past year, mostly because of the pandemic, the concept of “natural” is linked to a return to nature, to simplicity, to transparency, to simple and “traditional” processing practices, as well as to a short and clean labelling.

According to a June 2020 survey led by the International Food Information Council, 85% of consumers have changed their diet during the pandemic. In particular, the younger generations are leading this market trend: natural is clean, it is appealing, it is little processed, and is environmentally friendly. These are the inspirations of the generations of tomorrow that our company has listened to, and that have triggered the creation of our latest range of all natural, culinary, authentic, and sustainable taste solutions throughout a number of savoury applications.


  • Process inspired by our traditional and culinary know-how
  • All natural, familiar ingredients, from sustainable sourcing
  • Natural alternatives to HVP, TPF
  • Alternative to yeast extracts in specific applications and variants


  • Complete range of chef-inspired culinary profiles: meaty (beef, chicken), umami, roasted, vegetable
  • Declarable as list of familiar, recognizable ingredients
  • Can be used in flavour, blend, stock formulations
  • Vegan-friendly range available