Every time we modify the recipe of our food and beverage products, for instance taking out sugar, or fat, or salt, or adding minerals and other nutrients, the overall taste experience is impacted, and we know consumers are not willing to trade taste for health. Moreover, other rapidly growing product categories such as plant-based foods are looking at ways to winning larger shares of consumers, by providing taste, texture, and colour experiences similar to the animal-based counterpart.

At Nactarome, we have been working on taste modulation systems for years and developed a complete toolbox of flavour modifiers compliant to EC 1334/2008, and top note flavourings, to increase, decrease, or change the perception of specific sensorial characteristics, e.g., reducing metallic off-notes or bitterness, intensify fruitiness, enhance roundness or richness in low-sugar products. Besides our taste toolbox, our food technologists and application specialists will work closely with you to optimize the recipe with the new ingredients balance and identify the perfect taste solution combination to suit your product and your markets.


Our sugar and sweetness enhancing natural flavourings, available in liquid and powder forms, improve sweetness perception and deliver the characteristics of different sugars, including palm sugar, brown sugar, sticky sugar, molasses, dark black treacle. They are suited to a wide variety of sweet and savoury applications and can be combined with other warm, enriching, rounding notes.


Fat provides such important sensory properties to our food that reducing content may impact colour, taste, texture and even odour, and disappoint consumer expectations. At Nactarome, we have developed a natural and clean label fat reduction collection particularly suited to dairy and dairy-free applications, to deliver the mouthfeel, depth, and realism of high or full fat products, including a range of authentic, signature cheese type flavours.


We know that salt performs a variety of key functions in food, including flavour enhancement, texture improvement and even preservation. Reducing the amount of salt whilst maintaining food palatability can be obtained via our salt reduction technology, designed to boost volatile flavour perception, modulate sharp and metallic notes, and enhance umami base notes in multiple applications, including soups, dressings, meat, broths, seasonings, coatings, and bakery products.


General wellbeing is the driving factor for the trend towards alcohol reduced drinks, with calorie reduction and mindful drinking at the front of consumers’ minds. At Nactarome, we have used our heritage and expertise in alcoholic beverages and botanical extraction to develop a range of alcohol boosters to develop no/low alcohol solutions without giving up the distinctive and explosive flavour of the original spirits.