Nactarome Acquires UK-based seasonings manufacturer TasteConnection


4th May 2021

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Nactarome acquires UK based seasonings manufacturer TasteConnection

This is the second acquisition in the UK in the past 12 months, creating a strategic hold on the ingredients marketplace

  • AromataGroup (Italy) was acquired in November 2018 by Ambienta SGR and by its managing founders to create a leading European platform in natural ingredients for the food and beverage industries.
  • IPAM (Italy), Nactis Flavours (France and BNL) and Create Flavours (UK) were added to the group in 2019 and 2020, followed by TasteConnection (UK) this year.
  • TasteConnection are the fifth company to join the group and will significantly strengthen Nactarome’s ability to provide leading edge clean-label and natural solutions to serve the UK and international marketplace.

Nactarome has today announced it has completed the acquisition of TasteConnection, a leading UK ingredients supplier with strong positioning in the seasoning category.

Nactarome has seen exponential growth in the last four years, now comprising of twelve production sites with over 500 employees and a revenue of €120m.

Highlighted by Innova Market Insights, the global seasonings market has seen positive growth in the last 5 years, noticeably 8.1% CAGR from 2016 – 2020.

TasteConnection develop provenanced, natural seasonings for market leading brands and premium own label products in both the savoury and sweet snack categories.

“The collaborative approach taken by Nactarome will of course benefit our existing customer base.” said Nick Eskins, Founder of TasteConnection.

“This approach is also expected to result in great synergy and significantly increase our market share.” added John Gregory-Wood, Commercial Director, TasteConnection.

Andrew Sainsbury, Founder & Finance/Operations Director of TasteConnection commented, “It’s important for us to remain true to our values – by joining the group, we’ll be able to strengthen our focus on sustainable, natural ingredients. We have ambitious growth plans for TasteConnection; this move was the logical next step in securing our future and ability to provide our customers with cost-effective, industry leading seasonings and provenanced ingredients.”

Dr. Hans Udo Wenzel, Founder of AromataGroup and Executive Chairman of Nactarome stated, “Welcoming TasteConnection into the Nactarome group was a strategic decision for us as it represents a very important market segment in the UK. Working together, in conjunction with our existing flavouring and colouring solutions manufacturers, this acquisition will accelerate our broader product offering and allow us to deliver unique, sustainable food solutions globally.”