Nactarome launches new vanillin replacer to meet market demands

New Products

10th December 2021

With the vanillin market in the hands of a small group of suppliers and a consequent high volatility of prices, linked to the variability of raw material and production costs, the risk for companies is often that of encountering delays or inconsistency in supplies, and above all a considerable fluctuation of margins on the finished product.

This is why, in this operational context, it is essential to be able to count on alternatives that can offer the same aromatic spectrum, with greater cost stability and, above all, availability over time. At Nactarome, we have responded to market demand and the needs of its customers by developing a flavouring solution that replaces the vanillin in the recipe at a ratio of 1:1, so that the formula remains unchanged and there is no need for a new validation process for the finished product.

It is important for us to be able to make life easier for our customers,” comments Stefano Asti, Research and Innovation Director of our Italian-based AromataGroup.

"“The Nactarome Group can boast consolidated experience in both vanilla extracts and the development of vanilla flavourings, both natural and natural identical. This has enabled us to create a
high-performance product with a very interesting flavour profile.”"

The product developed by Nactarome research in Italy allows for a replacement of vanillin in baked goods, chocolate, anhydrous and hydrated creams, spoon desserts and puddings.

“Our vanillin substitute has excellent yield and high resistance to thermal and mechanical stress,” continues Asti. “We have developed both a natural and an identical natural version, to respond to both the increased interest in naturalness and the demand for solutions with an optimal price-quality ratio.”