Snacking Category Review 2022

The way we eat has changed; snacking has become the norm, fuelled by eating habits developed over the pandemic. Whilst the Category Annual Growth rate saw little movement in pre-mixed nuts, beans and lentils, corn and potato-based snack launches are increasing. This may be due to consumers’ desire for satisfying comfort food during the COVID-19 pandemic, favouring potato and corn-based snacks over vegetable-based snacks.

According to Innova Market Insights, the top 5 positioning claims on pack which are growing in popularity during the last year include indulgent and premium claims, seasonal launches and new product developments for the health conscious. This includes high protein, high fibre and low/no/reduced fat. But which trends are here to stay?

Looking in more detail at core flavours in crisp seasonings, cheese remains the top claim on pack and ranks top in both UK and European NPD with 9% and 7% respectively. Despite being a core flavour, cheese seasonings are still full of innovation, with more specific varieties appearing in stores: provenanced mature cheddar cheese, blue cheese, feta and smoked cheese for example.

Chilli, sea salt and barbeque flavours are popular across Europe with a focus on ethnic-inspired specific tastes, such as Mexican, Korean or African flavour profiles. Asian inspired flavours are of increasing interest – such as Indian masala, Japanese katsu, Korean Gochujang and similar fermented profiles.

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  • Truffle & Camembert seasoning – containing milk, cheese and black summer truffle.
  • Aegean Sea Mist – a vegan seasoning containing Sicilian lemon, prawn and tomato.

TasteConnection joined Nactarome in 2020 and now sit within the group as experts in the manufacturer and creation of natural seasonings.

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Source: Innova Market Insights, 2022