Cocktails with zero alcohol and 100% taste are the hottest trend on the market

We know them by different names: mocktails, virgin cocktails, boneless cocktails, “nolo” drinks… but the gist – and it has to be said – remains the same. We are talking about alcohol-free mixes, made by blending juices, syrups, perhaps cream or kefir, herbs, spices and carbonated drinks, and this is certainly not a new concept, but here too the pandemic has played a very important role in the renewed enthusiasm for this type of drink. Although they were created in response to the specific need of non-drinkers and those who did not wish to opt for a simple soda, alcohol-free cocktails soon caught on during the lockdown, after an initial increase in alcohol consumption.

The popularity of non-alcoholic cocktails is not limited to a specific generation: whether it’s baby boomers or Millennials, non-alcoholic cocktails appeal to everyone and confirm that consumers don’t want to give up taste and quality in the name of health, and that beyond carbonated drinks rich in sugar or artificial sweeteners and ‘flat’ fruit juices, the no-low-alcohol sector offers plenty of scope for developing adult products that offer pleasurable and innovative taste experiences to knowledgeable and savvy consumers.

Nielsen points to the emergence of a new generation of ‘light spritz cocktails’, which combine sugary, summery fruit infusions with citrus oils and juices, bitter soda and fragrant botanicals. This new generation of drinks is perfectly in line with the changing habits of consumers, who in the year of the pandemic have increasingly turned to healthy, natural foods in a desire to improve their immune systems, and in doing so have also reduced their consumption of alcoholic beverages. According to research by FMGC Guru, 66% of the world’s consumers are focused on reducing their calorie intake, which is another reason why they are reducing their consumption of alcohol and soft drinks. According to experts, by 2024 the world’s ten largest markets will see a 31% increase in non-alcoholic or reduced-alcohol cocktails.

At Nactarome, we have been watching the market developments with interest, and have come up with a special, colourful and refreshing menu for the summer, combining our expertise in selecting, extracting and blending herbs and spices with aromatic creation, and then adding the finishing touch with a full range of natural colours and colouring ingredients, all perfectly in line with the growing consumer demand for natural, sustainable, fresh products with recognisable and simple ingredients. Pomegranate and rosewater, green tea and ginger beer, lime and rosemary, pink grapefruit, mint and black tea, hibiscus and cranberry, basil and lemon, strawberries with vanilla, black pepper and lemon… there are so many possible combinations, all full of flavour.

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